Video & Audio
    DVD and Digital

  Do you have home movies, old records or tapes, or slides that you no longer have the equipment to play, but you wish you could play again and share with family and friends?


  We can digitally capture them for you so that you can play them on your Blu-ray player, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Android smartphone, TV, computer, MP3 player or anything else that plays digital media.


  Digitally storing your old video, audio and images will capture them before time destroys them. Digital files, if backed up regularly, can last forever without losing any quality.


  You don’t even have to leave home – we come to you! We will pick up and deliver any media you want copied. We will discuss with you the process of copying, and ask if there are any special requests such as additional copies on DVDs or flash drives. We can even help you put your new media onto your digital devices.


  We are currently able to copy:
- VHS/SVHS/VHS-C tapes, Video8/Hi8/Digital8 tapes
- CDs, vinyl records (16-78 RPM), audio tapes, reel to reel audio tapes
- Photos, negatives, positives, slides


  If you own a machine that will play whatever it is you want copied, then we can make a digital copy. If you have video, audio or images in formats other than what’s listed here, we’d still love to hear from you and try to find the best way to convert and save them for you. We will take old VCRs, projectors, camcorders, etc. if you wish to get rid of them.


  Appointment times can be between 9am and 9pm, 7 days a week.
All work will be completed within 3 weeks, unless otherwise specified.

All digital copies are provided on CD or DVD discs. Video will be provided both as DVD player compatible discs and on discs as digital (eg MP4, AVI) files. All digital files can be provided on a flash drive as well, at a price of $2 per gigabyte.


All discs will have a printed side showing what is on them. If the disc is a copy of copyrighted material, the disc will indicate that it is a duplicate disc and cannot be sold.


Where possible all digital files will be properly marked and tagged so that they can be easily identified on any device.

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